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i hardly write anything of substance here. this place is solely built for me to stash all my photoshop works.
and occasionally bitch abt ppl.

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♥ spring 2006 tokyo trip with nora
♥ Sony PSP, Sony PS3
♥ to get anorexic and then wear those xs sized minis!!
♥ i passed the finals, now what??

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    i am 25 
    today i celebrate my birthday and as a treat for myself, i took the day (and the day after) off.
    off meaning away from the hospital.
    and that made me realize that this is actually my first post since i started my job as a doctor.
    it's not that i don't have time to update this blog, i do. but yeah, since laziness is my main forte so i guess that explains everything.

    a concise summary of my everyday life would be:

    6.00 am: wake up, bathe
    6.45 am: drive to work
    7.00 am: punch in, start to work
    5.00pm: punch out (if i'm not on-call)
    5.30-7.30pm: bathe, dinner, etc
    8.00pm: sleep

    yeah, that's about it. sleep is the most lucrative thing to me rite now.

    anyway, the main point of me posting this is to remind myself digitally that yes, i am 25.
    jan told me to recite corso's i am 25 to commemorate this event (haha)

    I Am 25

    With a love a madness for Shelley
    Chatterton Rimbaud
    and the needy yap of my youth
    has gone from ear to ear:
    Especially old poetmen who retract
    who consult other old poetmen
    who speak their youth in whispers,
    saying : --- I did those then
    but that was then
    that was then ---
    O I would quiet old men
    say to them: --- I am your friend
    what you once were, thru me
    you'll be again ---
    Then at night in the confidence of their homes
    rip out their apology-tongues
    and steal their poems.

    i don't think the above poem has any relevance to me but i'm posting it anyway.

    hey ho, let's go! 
    oh yeah, i'm gonna start working tomorrow.
    got posted at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, klang.
    i really don't know what to expect, thought of studying a bit but, what to study?? i dun even know to which department i'm gonna get posted at so..geh..guess i'll just enjoy my last evening as a bum.

    anyways, here are some pics from my trip to tioman:

    the water was so damn clear you could really see the fishies! who'd want to swim in the pool when the sea water is clearer?

    lil bro overlooking the renggis island


    i touched the clownfish! isn't nemo just so cute?

    more fishies at the snorkelling spot renggis island

    berjaya tioman chalets

    the fatso me and bro

    the "dragon peak", mukut village

    the island view from the speedboat

    and last but not least, VIVA LA ARGENTINA, ITALIA and ESPANA!! (and france too..heheh)

    of cd covers & afghan kids 
    i ripped the pics directly off of erna's portfolio. go visit!!

    and my good friends from crestfallen has recently released an EP entitled "a sleepy history". so this thing is kind of a tribute to them. support our local act by purchasing their songs. click here and take a listen :)

    i'm not goo-goo-gaga crazy over kishidan although i must say that i find their music rockin' and their antics hilarious. however, i guess i just can't get over the fact that their REGENT hairstyle is so so yucky! (no offense to kishidan fans, haha, just stating my preferences.)

    hahah, so take a look at Ayanocozey Show's hair with & without the croissant ;p

    cute. but those teeth have got to go >_<

    thanks to evon for the tip ;p


    now that i think about it, show really reminds me of how i thought slam dunk's Sakuragi Hanamichi would look like if he's a living person ;p

    okay so here's the final layout for nora's blog featuring the ever so kakkoi OKADA JUNICHI.


    on a side note, my computer crashed a for almost a whole day and i was so damn depressed. luckily it's all okay now..haha

    geh, must back up all my files a.s.a.p!! *mutters to self*

    pinky tits 
    nora wanted a brand new shocking pink layout.
    well, here ya go missy.
    except the shocking part doesn't just stop at the colour, heheh.

    i'll work on another friend's request tomorrow ;)

    i'm giving away this layout since i'm working on another one for nora featuring junichi okada (OHMIGOD!! damn i'm such a fangirl) hahah. granted its pink, but hey, pink is in ok!
    anybody interested just lemme know. if you missed the cue, click HERE to see how it looks like.

    oh what wit 
    i've been extremely annoyed with a lot of things lately. firstly, i was told by a friend (who is a heavy smoker btw) to stop smoking. for the love of God, you don't have to tell me! it's like a pot calling a kettle black, dammit. and puhleease, i know my own capacities, i know when not to cross over the line. geh.

    secondly, why oh why do ppl who think they know everything have to make fun of ppl who don't? so i was downloading this particularly delicious and not so new japanese comedy series when all of a sudden i realized that there are no seeds! (i'm talking bittorrent here)

    and so i went to the forum where they provide the file and politely asked for some seeds. now see, apparently i made a request at the wrong sub-forum and was told not to repeat this again. granted, i was lazy by not checking out the FAQs first but hey, it's an honest mistake right?
    thus i thanked and apologized to the person who corrected me.
    but 5 mins later when i checked the forum again, another wise guy here just had to rub salt in the wound, saying that there are loads of ppl like me who don't know anything, lazy (ok i know that's exactly what i am but i don't need to be told that by the likes of you!)

    okay, so that guy wasn't harsh but when i checked other threads, ppl are being called as "fucktard newbies who don't know anything" just by asking a simple question. yeah, so that person was a little ignorant. but does that automatically mean that others have the right to flame you? to make fun of you? what the hell??

    and the thing that infuriates me the most is that these ppl who made the mistake (eg: me) had already apologized! but nooooooooooooo, that don't count.
    whoever invented the phrase "if sorry can solve anything, who needs the police" should be shot!

    i know i'm blathering incoherently here but i don't care! i'm just so ticked off right now.

    so what else ?

    oh yeah and thirdly, apparently i was told that art created via photoshop (and with the help of
    downloadable brushes) isn't art at all. art has to be created fr scratch (eg: a person who has a talent in drawing by hand) and not by digital manipulation.
    well, what a motherload of CRAP!! can you even define art?
    do you think just any idiot on the street can buy a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop CS, download it into their little pcs and instantly make something out of it? wtf??

    can you create this, you bitch?
    can you create any of those things staring at you on your right hand side?